Garment dyeing & various dyeing techniques
Our patented dye is an exclusively cold method and uses synthetic pigments and food ingredients.

We use concentrates of fruit and vegetables, coffee powders, licorice, cocoa and even soil.* The use of water is drastically lower than traditional industrial dyeing methods.

Faded is a transparent, over 99% biodegradable "vehicle", with solidity at all levels, to the light, dry rubbing, sweating and salivation both acidic and basic, providing affinity with almost all types of fabric made of very diversified compositions of raw materials.
In our laboratory we have developed a process that allows us to dye even one piece for sampling and testing.

We dye any fabric such as cotton, nylon, hemp, linen, nettle, polyester, wool, silk, leather, milk, wood, excluding furs.

Color laboratory / Washing machines, centrifuges and modified professional tumblers.
*Patent n. 102015000023312

Pattern making & tailoring
Our pattern making team transforms the idea of the designer on paper translating the design into a pattern which will then be applied on fabric by the tailor

A real supportive service to the creative process of our clients. Our tailors combine artisan craftsmanship with technological instruments to produce a final garment. From works under contract to the creation of private label garments or co-branding projects.

Pattern making
Our consulting services are aimed at developing an optimal product for customers by applying our stylistic, textile, pattern making, tailoring and dyeing skills.

Over the years we have created a professional network of partners in order to satisfy most of our customer's requests. We work together with our spinning partner for the continuous development of innovative yarns.


Selection of fiber: cottons and wools with unusual fineness, use of flax, hemp, nettle and peat


Production of fabrics using old looms or circular machines proposing traditional fabrics revisited to meet the needs of current fashion