100% natural dyeing and Sustainable fabrics

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Make in Italy Srl is an innovative company created to offer our clients solutions to the requirements and expectations of the market in terms of full “ECO” respect.

About us
We operate in the field of manufacturing of wearing apparel and garment dyeing with a patented process based on a concept of green economy and innovation.

A supply chain that starts with the reinterpretation of the fibers of our past such as hemp, nettle and broom; making fabrics with frames with unusual and ancient characteristics, to dyeing garments with a unique cold dye that rewards the "healthiness" of wearing a garment in an "eco-natural" context.

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Our team

Our team is composed of  technicians with years of experience in the field of garment dyeing, tailoring and styling.

Our passion for quality and continuous research of processes and materials with zero impact on the environment and a maximum well-being for the person, makes us a suitable partner for companies looking for a flexible and innovative supplier in the medium-high range.